SportsConsult 365 - Legal Advice for Individuals, Sports Clubs and Associations throughout Ireland 

    We have recently launched a new service for sports clubs and associations across Ireland. 

    SportsConsult 365 is a 'one stop shop' service which covers legal issues for clubs and associations such as - 

    • How to form your club - 
      • what are the necessary legalities - to incorporate a CLG Company or not.
    • Running your club - 
      • Meetings, decisions, judicial methods of dispute resolution.
      • How best to deal with complaints through fair procedures and maintaining/ensuring natural justice
    • How to register and deal with National Sports Governing Bodies.
    • How to dealing with issues surrounding minors in your club - child protection and welfare issues.
    • Protecting your clubs assets - property, intellectual property.
    • Club funding - lotteries, members draws and the legalities.
    • Seeking international recognition from Governing Bodies.
    • Merging your club with other local clubs.
    • Closing your club.

    For over 25 years we have advised sports clubs and governing bodies all over Ireland in relation to the above matters in sports such as GAA, boxing, rugby league and union, motorsport, golf and others.

    Options are also available for yearly retainers so we can advise your club throughout the year when any issue arises for one set yearly fee. Contact us today for more details.  

    Email us today on - if we can be of help to you. You can also Whatsapp your query to +353 87 2308797.