Start Up Business Legal Advice - Key Areas

When starting a new business the main items to firstly consider are as follows - 

  • Company Structures - what suits your new business? Who are you going into business with? Is there risk associated with your business? Does funding opportunities depend on structure? 
    • Limited Liability Company -v- Sole trader -v- Partnerships
    • Shareholders Agreements - Partnership Agreements
    • Share Purchase and Asset Purchase Agreements
  • Property Acquisitions - Will you need a premises? Do you need a licence to run your business? Do you need specific planning permission?  
  • Employment Rights and Obligations - Are you going to employ staff? Can you sub-contract some of the work out to others? What is deemed an employee? Have you sought tax advice?
  • Intellectual Property Rights and Protections - Is your brand protected? What is your brand and is it possible to protect it? Do you have competitors with similar brand names and logos?
  • Commercial Contracts - 
    • B2B Agreements and B2C Agreements
    • Data Protection Agreements
    • Distribution and Agency Agreements
    • Franchise Agreements
    • Software Licensing Agreements
  • Online trading - Terms and Conditions of Usage, Privacy Policies - Is your website complaint with all current legislation and GDPR ready? 
  • Funding Options and Advice - banking contracts, venture fund options

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