Sports Law in Ireland has developing as a niche area of law which deals many of the existing areas of law such as commercial contracts, employment law, property law and IP & IT Law which sports bodies, clubs and athletes require advise on.

Niall Geaney currently advises individual athletes and local sports clubs, groups and governing bodies on legal compliance and regulation matters such as:

  • Initial Corporate Structures for Sports Organisations and Regulatory Compliance. Company Conversions under 2014 Companies Act for CLGs and CLSs.
  • Sponsorship Agreements and Commercial Contracts in respect of Sponsorship for Teams, Individuals, Clubs and Associations.
  • Sports Venue Property Law - sports ground leases and licences, noise pollution issues, planning matters.
  • Athlete/Participant Contractual Agreements and Disputes.
  • Player transfers and appeals - rugby union and rugby league
  • Social Media Policies for Sports Organisations and Social Media Compliance issues (see news section).
  • Protection of Intellectual Property Rights for sports brands and individual brand protection.
  • Personal Injuries and Civil Litigation involving the participation in sport.
  • Sports Arbitration and ADR.

We are very aware that individual sports athletes, smaller sports NGOs and LSPs, clubs and associations budgets are very limited due to ongoing funding limitations and as such we will work with you to find the most appropriate inexpensive solution to your problem.  

Current clients and client matters for 2017 include -

  • Rugby Union International Player Transfer Advice
  • Rugby Union Inter-Club Transfers Advice
  • Rugby League of Ireland - General Legal Counsel 
  • Advising Motorsport Ireland on Social Media Compliance issues and interpretation of regulations
  • Representation at Motorsport Ireland Tribunal of Inquiry 
  • Representation of an individual athlete involved in a serious personal injury claim 

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